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What OS are the US phones using?

Since there seems to be a few different versions of the Android OS running on the available Android phones in the US, I’ve decided to do a run down of what phone is running what OS.

  • G1 (T-Mobile) – 1.6
  • myTouch 3G (T-Mobile) – 1.6
  • Cliq (T-Mobile) – 1.5
  • Eris (Verizon) – 1.5
  • Droid (Verizon) – 2.0
  • Hero (Sprint) – 1.5
  • Moment (Sprint) – 1.5
  • Backflip (Rumored for AT&T) – 1.5
  • Devour (Rumored for Verizon) – 2.0 or 2.1
  • Nexus One – 2.1

I decided to put the Backflip and Devour on the list because they are most likely to be confirmed at CES 2010.  The OS’s that they will be running are kind of up in the air, so I put the OS I’ve heard was rumored to be on the phone.  These phones do exist, it’s just a matter of them being announced.

Sprint is supposed to be upgrading the Hero and Moment to 2.1 in Q1 of 2010.  The G1 on T-Mobile is rumored to be getting an OTA update, shooting it up to 2.1, but I haven’t heard anything about the myTouch getting the upgrade.  It wouldn’t make any sense to upgrade the G1 and not the myTouch. Verizon will give the Droid a 2.1 upgrade in Q1, and the Eris is supposed to be getting an upgrade to 2.0 or 2.1 in Q1, as well.  The Backflip is rumored to be released with 1.5 and the Devour is rumored to have 2.1, both with the MotoBlur interface.  This should provide some hope of an upgrade for Cliq owners, such as myself.  If the Devour does get released with 2.1, then the MotoBlur interface is already adapted to it.  Once T-Mobile gets it and gets done tweaking it to their liking, all should be good.  But why, then, wouldn’t the Backflip be released with 2.1 instead of 1.5?  I guess AT&T and Motorola know the answer to that.

Things are looking bright for Android in 2010.  I hope that they get their devices all caught up to the same page, or close to it.


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